Racial Healing Project

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Homeboy Industries Sign of Hope

Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, CA serves high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women with a continuum of free services and programs, and operates seven social enterprises that serve as job-training sites. “Homeboy Industries has been the tipping point to change the metaphors around gangs and how we deal with them in Los Angeles County. This organization has engaged the imagination of 120,000 gang members and helped them to stop the pattern of violence, addiction and incarceration.”  said Father Greg Like this:Like Loading…

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Racial Healing Project

 Join the Racial Healing Project The Racial Healing Project is a joint program operated by the Baha’is of Placer County, California, and sponsored by Global Marketplace, a non-profit advocate for economic justice. We call this the Racial Healing Project because we believe racism is a disease and we all need to heal. The Baha’i Faith is a worldwide religion dedicated to the unity of all humankind. To achieve this goal we need to eliminate prejudice of all kinds. At the top of this list is prejudice against a person’s race. Global Marketplace is dedicated to achieving economic justice for everyone. Prejudice...

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